Photos from 2018 trip

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Successful 2018 DC Trip!

Friends of WSPI!

So sorry for the delay in posting DURING our trip this past week! The internet service both on the buses and in the hotel was spotty and inefficient! Please accept this apology! Many attempts were made, but each failed. However on our Facebook Page, there were MANY successful postings,, and if you would like access to that, here is the information you need!

If you are a Facebook User already, get onto FB, then search “Wisconsin Safety Patrol 2018 DC Trip”. It will prompt you to “join” and I will get the request to “approve you” and add you to the group. This is a”Closed” group, so it’s only shared with people you know or people YOU want to share it with! The FB GROUP will stay active until May 31, so friends from the trip can still post their pictures, experiences of the trip, etc.

Most of all, THANKS to ALL who participated in the trip in some way or another. It was a very successful trip and our buses all reported having no major issues with scheduling, meals, accommodations, tour guides, or the weather! We are ALWAYS grateful for the safe ATMOSPHERE that we see while in DC!

Thank you’s go out to many people who made this trip possible. Our Executive Director, our WSPI Board, our Chaperones, our bus drivers, our tour guides, our students that participate.  Most of all, we could NOT do this trip without the donors who help to support this organization! That includes, schools, parents, small fund raisers, and large fund raisers.

Please consider donating NOW to WSPI (see the link on this web page).

We CANNOT CONTINUE without your help, whether it’s a small donation or large donation! 

PLEASE help keep our legacy alive so more kids can participate in the future!

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Leaving for DC SOON!

Friends of Wisconsin Safety Patrols,

We will be departing for our 2018 trip on Wed., April 25 from our various departure spots, Madison, Denmark, Oak Creek. We will be traveling to our first destination in Indiana where we’ll stop for a bus driver switch and then onto our dinner at Cracker Barrel a bit further on down the road. Lunches on that day will be up to each bus group depending on their departure times. (Madison bus needs to bring their lunch!)

All are very excited and pray for great weather and safe travels here, there, and everywhere! “I’m proud to be an American!” (song title—some buses might be singing this)

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Get Acquainted night success

We had a great showing of excited kids and parents at our Get Acquainted Night (GAN) meeting last evening in Madison. If families weren’t able to make the meeting chaperones will be contacting you to give you information in addition to the packet you will be receiving from our Executive Director, Patty Czech. That information consists of roommate names and phone numbers, chaperone information, the itinerary for the trip and information for parents regarding hotels, etc. Please be sure to read it throughly. Also, please feel free to contact Wisconsin Safety Patrols, Inc. Facebook page (Wisconsin Safety Patrol 2018 DC Trip). You can post on that site as well.


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